Tuesday, August 4, 2020

3:00 PM Registration
5:30 PM Welcome Reception
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7:15 – 8:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 – 8:10 AM Conference Kicks Off Remarks
Lauren Williams
8:10 – 8:35 AM AGC President Address
8:35 – 9:30 AM Keynote Address: Harness the Hurricane:  Managing Exponential Change
We live in an age of frightening volatility, dizzying speed and exponential change. During Mark DeVolder’s presentation, you will learn how to navigate through this new world by adopting the top choices of Unstoppable Leaders.Harness the Hurricane and learn about the power of mobilization, reinvention and lightning-speed decision-making.
Mark DeVolder
9:30 – 9:45 AM Tech Demo #1
Presented by HCSS 
9:45 – 10:30 AM General Session 1: Accelerating Construction’s Digitalization Through Collaboration and Real-World Testing

(Panel) The proliferation of connected technologies in the last few years has made significant inroads at the jobsite and corporate office. As the industry enters the next phase of digitalization focused on the strategic application of technology and data to solve core business problems, construction firms and industry partners need to put the right processes and partnerships in place to create long-term value. Increasingly tech-savvy contractors are less willing to use multiple systems on site, and with data coming from more and more sources, the industry needs to work together to integrate various data sets and unlock actionable insights.

Jennifer Suerth, LEED AP
Burcin Kaplanoglu, PhD
Eli Share
Mike Fraser
10:30 – 10:50 AM Refreshment Break/Exhibitor visit
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10:50-11:50 AM
Breakout Session: Out of The Shadows – Or -When Can Shadow IT Be Relevant
(Panel) A panel lead by Sam Lamonica (Rosendin Electric) of 3 IT Leaders in the construction space (Margarethe Pfeffer – DPR, Brent Cranmer – ISEC, and Mark Baker – Faith Technologies) who can share their insights on when Shadow IT is a relevant form of R&D or a form of identification of regional technology needs, a definition of what Shadow IT is and is not, and the dangers, risks, and financial challenges of Shadow IT in any organization. The panel will also discuss the trials and tribulations of uncontrolled or true Shadow IT and when it is never appropriate.
Sam Lamonica
Mark Baker
Margarethe Pfeffer
Brent Cranmer
Breakout Session: The Gamification of Interoperability Standards
The process of developing project data interoperability standards is far from enjoyable. Construction Progress Coalition (CPC) is looking to change that. As more and more GCs begin to mandate subcontractors and vendors use their cloud-based project management platform, Owners have also begun to mandate project reporting into their Project Management system. These redundant reporting requirements generate a significant amount of waste and frustration from field foreman to project executive. Ultimately, this leads to unreliable or missing data at the enterprise level. To address these #SharedPains, project teams can leverage a Common Data Exchange (CDX) framework to communicate data requirements and collaboratively produce project interoperability standards with impacted stakeholders. CDX kickoff meetings bring together the Owner, Architect, Engineer, GC, and Trade Contractors to agree upon the ‘best’ workflow and data requirements as they relate to RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, and As-built Handover. By visualizing the pain points through the CDX framework, project stakeholders can more clearly articulate the required changes to standard process or resources. The ‘game’ of delivering better project collaboration standards is scored by measuring the total investment in time and resources from the original standard workflow, then subtracting the amount of investment needed to adopt the new process to produce a ‘delta’ of savings that can be multiplied by the total instances of that workflow on a project (i.e. – # of RFI, Submittals, etc). When possible, each exchange should be mapped to an existing data exchange standard like XBRL or agcXML. This moderated discussion with panelists representing industry and technology will dive into real world case study examples where the GC collaborated with external stakeholders to streamline project workflows and produce measurable results.
Nathan Wood
Travis Voss
Breakout Session: Challenges & Opportunities of Technology and Implementing Changes
With technology becoming more and more relevant to our industry, many of our companies are still figuring out how to manage the selection, pilot, implementation and ongoing support. Looking at this from both the perspective of BIM and IT there are a number of great opportunities for companies to advance and grow, but with that comes the challenges of human nature and general technology issues.
Matt Lamb
Fred Meeske
11:50 – 12:50 PM Lunch
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12:50 – 1:35 PM General Session 2: The Imperative to Adapt: The Impact of Technological Disruption on The Construction Industry
This session is ideal for executives in the construction business seeking to increase productivity and profitability including owners/CEOs, CFOs/Controllers, COOs/VPs of Construction and CTOs/CIOS/IT Directors. Any stakeholder with operational, planning or budgeting responsibility will gain a deeper understanding of the role of emerging technologies in construction companies seeking to evolve and compete amidst mounting productivity headwind.
Ryan Hale
Bill Wagner
1:40 – 2:40 PM
Breakout Session: Process Improvement: A Playbook for Leveraging Technology, Managing Change, and improving ROI
Many construction companies acquire and implement new software solutions in an effort to be more efficient, improve controls, provide information or reduce risk. They always seem to endeavor this process with the greatest of expectations. Fewer achieve the underlying potential they had in mind when they set out. Either because of lack of adoption, insufficient training, poor use of new technology, or unwillingness to change processes, contractors seem unable to reach the potential of their investment. This presentation will look at why this occurs so frequently and what IT can do to improve the organization’s odds for a better outcome. Case studies from some of the countries’ leading contractors will be examined. We will also look at specific steps IT can take to overcome resistance to change, ensuring good governance during an implementation and developing more creative teams when it comes to making process changes. We will look at operations, field, finance and other solutions from within construction. Christian may conduct this workshop with three software implementation consultant panelists that can add “color commentary” from real-life examples they have encountered, both disappointments as well as raging successes.

Christian Burger

Breakout Session: The Construction Technologist and the IT Director: Partners in ConTech Success
With technology gaining big buzz in construction, how is your organization navigating through all the solutions in the marketplace. Whose job is it to help navigate the noisy marketplace to select the solution that is right for you? Most importantly, once you pick the right solution, whose job is it to guide implementation and adoption? Many companies create a cross-functional group to assume this charter. But there are two critical roles that must not be overlooked: the Construction Technologist and the IT Director.
Jeff Sample
Travis Voss
Breakout Session: Facilitated Discussion on Information Security
The presentation by Richard Volack has been canceled due to travel issues. In lieu of Richard’s presentation we will have an open discussion on Information Security facilitated by current and former CIOs.
2:45 – 3:15 PM Refreshment Break & visit with Exhibitors
3:20 – 4:20 PM Inexpensive Solutions to Common IT Challenges

Members of the AGC IT Steering Committee will be interact with the audience to revisit common IT issues they are facing and how they have solved them in a cost-effective way.

This is an open mic session. The session notes will be compiled and emailed to attendees after the conference has ended.

Steven Mulka
Benjamin Crosby
4:25 – 4:40 PM Daily Conference Summary
4:45 – 6:00 PM Networking Reception
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Thursday, August 6, 2020

7:15 – 7:45 AM Breakfast
7:50 – 8:40 AM General Session 3: The Four C’s of Digitizing a Construction Workflow
The adoption of Apps and Mobile Devices in the construction industry continues to grow! How can Contractors evolve their workflows to match the most innovative hardware, software and strategies becoming available? In this presentation, Rob McKinney shares his years of experience researching, selecting and implementing mobile technology on construction projects. He will discuss how to make new technology work with your company’s current processes, budget and technology. Learning Objectives

  • Review the Four Steps: Convert, Configure, Conext, and Central.
  • Discuss Tech Committee creation.
  • Discuss developing a Requirements Matrix.
  • Discuss Technology Selection (purchase and management).
  • Discuss Technology Implementation.
Rob McKinney
8:45 – 9:00 AM Tech Demo #3: What’s New, What’s Next
Presented by Viewpoint
Scott Rosenbloom
Michael Smith
9:05 – 9:40 AM General Session 4: 7 Lessons learned from our cloud migrations
Interested in the Cloud? Are you getting pressure from management and vendors to move to the Cloud? In this session, we will discuss our roadmap to the cloud. We will cover where we started, where we are at now, and what the future holds. We will discuss Office 365, Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud, Viewpoint Team, Zoom, Salesforce, LaborChart, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Azure, Azure Files, and more. This session is designed for anyone with a desire to learn more about the benefits and pitfalls of using someone else’s server, IE “The Cloud.”
Dennis Heinle
9:45 – 10:45 AM
Breakout Session: Better Together: The Case for Integrated Software
The construction technology space continues to expand, which has made it clear that one solution can no longer be the “silver bullet” to our productivity challenges. The ability to make these solutions work together seamlessly with unique workflows will be a competitive advantage, and the ingenuity to architect the workflows within your company in order to open the flow of data from solution to solution prove to be a massive differentiator.In this panel session with technical leaders from the construction industry we will provide attendees with examples of how the software solutions they use on a daily basis can work together to make their lives easier while increasing their team’s operational efficiency leading to improved profitability and success.
Kris Lengieza
Alison Hart
Andrea Ceballos
Brooks Williams
Breakout Session: Epic Failures in Construction IT
A trio of committee members lead an audience participation session on IT failures in the companies of the attendees and the lessons that were learned as a result. The committee members will have several “seed” cases prepared as discussion starters. The session will start with the committee member discussing one of the seed cases, asking some related questions, stepping back and allowing the audience discussion to happen organically. The committee member will be ready to step-in to keep the conversation flowing or to redirect if the discussion appears to be getting off track.
Sam Lamonica
Jeff Sample
Benjamin Crosby
10:50 – 11:20 AM Refreshment Break & Visit with Exhibitors
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11:25 – 12:15 PM Conference Summary & Takeaways
AGC IT Steering Committee